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Machinery, tools, processes, services for the maintenance of armoured vehicles.

The Spanish army has saved around €12 million in the last eight years, do you want to know how?
It is in our interest to be self-sufficient and not depend on foreign countries for the supply of repair materials for our vehicles.
How can we repair the tracks of armoured vehicles quickly and safely, whether in a combat situation or during training exercises?
When we have to make repairs to the running gear, it takes a long time to extract the torsion bar, a large amount of force must be applied and it must be hit repeatedly. We need to be quicker!
We have to tow a tracked vehicle that has broken down. We need a safe system that prevents the towed vehicle from moving up against the one that is towing it.
How do we avoid possible damage to the high precision parts when moving the pulling tower in order to make repairs or maintain this very costly part of the vehicle?