We are in the process of manufacturing the M21 mounts for our client UROVESA. These mounts, together with the M10 mounts that we have already delivered, are part of the equipment for their VAMTAC ST5 vehicles, which Portugal has acquired and is using in the United Nations mission MINUSCA, in the Central African Republic.

The M21 mount is designed as a multipurpose mount for different weapons, either directly, or through an adapter.

Our M21 mount can integrate the following heavy weapons: M2 and the MK19 grenade launcher, and with the relevant adapters, also the following light weapons: M240, M249, MG5, PKM or MINIMI.

And it is precisely in the improved ergonomics of the M21 mount with the adapters, where one of the advantages that differentiate our mount from the rest of the mounts on the market is found.

In the M21 mount, reducing the height of the adapters allows to maintain the same height of the system, and therefore not having to modify the position of the handle once defined.

Thus, if the position of the shooter has been defined to use the M2, he can use the rest of the weapons without having to make changes to the configuration (adjusting the height of the shooter's base, for example).

On the other hand, the shooter is less exposed than with other mounts on the market, as the height of the assembly is not increased by adding the adapter.

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